(FolLicular Unit Extraction)


This technique basically consists in extracting follicular units of a zone called “donor” (temporal and occipital lobes), implementing the principle of “donor domination” which resides in the characteristic that each hair follicle tends to preserve its unique genetic properties, allowing the transplanted hair to grow in the “receptive” area (area affected by alopecia or genetics).


  • Preparation
  • The precautions and previous recommendations are very important, since with this preparation we can moderate the precautions during the treatment. The notifications of food, medication, previous treatments, technical specifications and feedback are to expedite and ensure that the procedure happens according to the proposal made.

  • Extraction
  • Thanks to the ambulatory anesthesia and once finished the tricotomy (cut of the hair to 3mm) in the area, the hair is counted and extracted that will serve as a donor for the patient in the areas that the patient wish to cover or generate new hair.

  • Implantation
  • Finally, graft units are planted according the design in the head, beard, mustache, eyebrows and body hair. Post-treatment care should be understood and followed strictly to ensure regular and uniform growth.


  • °It does NOT leave a visible scar.
  • °100% outpatient, with local anesthesia application under a strict medical control.
  • °Microincisions are made at 1 mm scales, they are imperceptible to the eye.
  • °Short hair, including shaving or dyed, may be used after the hair transplant.
  • °Extraction performed with medical microsurgical highly specialized instruments manufactured in titanium/gold.
  • °With minimal care it will enough to be in perfect condition. A slight redness will be felt in the donor site for 24 to 48 hours. Then all trace of a hair transplant will disappear.