Why am I losing hair?

Hair loss or androgenic alopecia, is the gradual hair loss without a renovation of such hair, and even if the most common causes are the genetic factors, such as inheritance and hormones’ production such as testosterone; it is not considered as a disease. There are also other factors, such as a poor nutrition, everyday life stress, chemotherapy exposure and medical treatments, or dermatologic diseases.

Why does it only happen in certain parts of the head?

Alopecia does not affect all the hair uniformly, the superior and frontal part of the scalp have the characteristic of being the receptor of the testosterone male hormone (DHT) causing its fall, which is why this receives the order to fall in the period of our life settled by genes. This hair loss process can be gradual or sudden.

Is there any method to stop hair loss?

Currently, there is not a 100% efficient method that stops hair loss, since the genetic factor is determined from our conception which area and hair amount is going to be lost. There are medicines that help keep the hair you still have, they do not stimulate the regeneration of the hair lost. Others provide hair health and strength; however its loss is imminent.

How can it improve my appearance?

Hair provides a natural frame for the face which defines people’s personality, recovering the youth and health image offers more confidence in ourselves and in the attitude we have towards life. The FUE micro transplant technique provides this benefit for our patients, granting them the option to recover the lost image, improving their self-esteem.

What does micro transplant consists in?

Micro transplant is a manual and almost an artistic procedure, which consists in extracting hair follicle by hair follicle from the donor area, they are extracted from the root with a specialized surgical extractor named Follicular Extractor, which is manufactured with titanium and it has a gold tip of 0.7mm diameter. Once the follicle is extracted, it is placed in a special solution with a controlled temperature in order to guarantee its survival outside the head area. Thanks to hair physiology research, follicular units (meaning a family of hair roots forming a “hair unit”) may be extracted without scalpel and without the need of using complicated surgical instruments. On the contrary, a follicular extractor (such as a FUE extractor) is a small cylinder of 2.8 mm length, and up to 0.75 mm wide, a unique surgical instrument which allows the extraction of donor hair without causing any damage to the follicle or skin.

What does FUE stands for?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Where is the procedure performed?

In Micropel, different to other options, the procedure is performed in a surgical room specialized for micro transplant, which complies and exceeds the health standards established by the corresponding authority, in a free particle air environment and the commodity of a TV room.

Will it hurt?

The procedure is practically pain-free; it only entails local anesthesia application, which is applied by specialized professionals under the supervision of Dr. Alaniz, preparing the patient for the procedure to be performed.

Does it leave a scar?

There are practically no scars due to the fact that the procedure entails cuts at a millimetric level, which do not leave any mark on the skin, allowing a fast healing and recovery of the patient.

Does the procedure take a long time?

FUE technique is a manual procedure, and even if our technicians have a high level of specialization and professionalization in this technique, it is a thorough procedure that takes its time. The average duration of a micro transplant session, depending on the follicles to be transplanted, is from 4 to 6 hours.

Is it safe?

Totally, FUE technique offers an exceptional safety to the patient, medical equipment, and technicians. High specialization in FUE technique, joined with the use of a medical surgical room, guarantees a procedure free of any risk.

How long does it take for new hair to grow?

Some hair can be seen grown immediately after the intervention. After the third month you will see grow 40% of the new hair. The rest of the transplanted hair shall be growing around the sixth month. For the final result, we have to consider and take into account the fact that it is necessary to wait from 1 year to 18 months. However, most of our patients are fully satisfied on the seventh month after the surgery.

How long does the transplanted hair last?

Due to the fact that the transplanted hair is obtained from the side and posterior part of the head, which is not receptor of the DHT hormone, it will last in your head the time established by the genetic information it has since its origin.

Does it require any special care?

Recently transplanted hair requires some care, for the purpose of protecting it, and achieving a 100% success of the procedure, after that, it only requires to be taken care in the regular way.

Will it fall again?

Transplanted hair will not fall, however, hair located in the area affected by alopecia will continue its process to fall, which is why we recommend, if necessary, to perform a second or third procedure.

Can it be cut or dyed?

Of course! Transplanted hair can be dyed, cut and modeled according to your like or preference, remember, it is your own hair.

Is it expensive to have a FUE technique micro transplant performed?

Micropel understand the necessity and motivation of our patients to have a micro transplant performed. The cost for performing this high technology procedure in our clinic is significantly lower. You, as a patient, directly acquire the saving benefit. Therefore, you have a FUE micro transplant performed with the best technology paying the right price. I had a transplant using an obsolete technique, and unfortunately it did not meet my expectations, would you be able to correct it and to give me a natural appearance? Fortunately FUE technique is very beneficial and it allows us to perform corrections that would be impossible with other proceedings, thanks to the fact that hair follicles are individually implanted, and following its alopecia pattern and previous grafts, we can regenerate the hair line that you used to have in such a natural way that it is almost impossible to notice that you have had hair transplant.